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Previous Client Websites

Premium Web Templates



Ember is an autumn style website built around being used as a portfolio to show off your passions or hobby, with a blog to share thoughts and ideas. It is fully responsive and will scale nicely to any viewport.

Project Flow


Project Flow is a website based around a showcase theme with pages that describe what the company does and what it can provide. This premium template is compatible with modern Samsung handhelds.

Free Web Templates


3² is a modern landing page concept designed for a small business or shop, with a 3x3 central box navigation design, a box in the middle to display your business'/shop's logo, and smooth, beautiful color sliding animations when hovering over each box, sliding inwards towards the center box.



Band 2 is a template made with music in mind, with a large logo on the front page that will beautifully display the band. BAND 2 includes pages for merchandise and ordering tickets. This template is compatible with modern Samsung handhelds.

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