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Ember Release & News

Posted 9/30/17

Hello again, it's been some time since the last blog! Today, the website template "Ember" has been released for $40 dollars! It's a great website template for someone who wants to create a personal portfolio that is minimalistic with beautiful presentation. I'm very excited for the next template to be released titled "Aurora", which is already being designed and looks very different from anything previously released. While you can use the many website templates available, you can get your own custom website designed at an affordable price by clicking here! Make sure you're following the official TekLite Software Twitter as there will be more updates there.
-Maxwell Lavitschke, CEO

New Projects & More

Posted 8/11/17

Today, 3², a conceptual landing page design I've had in my head for some time has released! It's a free template you can get here! With that exciting release, there are also a few other announcements about TekLite Software. If you've paid attention to the TekLite Software Twitter, there are 2 premium web templates in the works, one for Autumn and one for Winter. Their names are "Ember" and "FROZEN". "Ember" is a web template made for freelancers who want to advertise their services with a warm campfire colored theme. "FROZEN" is a web template with a cold, white and red colored theme made for winter gear shops to bear the harshest of conditions. "Ember" will be released on September 22nd, and "FROZEN" releases December 11th. There's a big project being sorted out behind the scenes that I can't wait to discuss, but everything's not set in stone just yet, but once it is there will be a long blog post about it! Lastly, for FM Pride, TekLite Software's twitter will have a beautiful rainbow logo to celebrate the event! These few months ahead are going to be exciting for TekLite Software, so check back soon for more info and updates!
-Maxwell Lavitschke, CEO

TekLite Software's New Look

Posted 8/3/17

Finally, the long overdue mobile optimization of TekLite Software is here. But this isnt just for some devices, this is for every device possible. The website now scales to every viewport- every screen size. Go ahead, try it, change the width and height of your browser if you're on a desktop, and everything fits to the new size! There are also new visual updates, changing a few things that needed tweaks on the older Project Vigor design. TekLite Software is also being search engine optimized in multiple ways, with many adjustments that have happened and ones that will happen over time. The first premium site template, Project Flow, is going on sale in the evening of August 4th, with a reduced price because it does not follow the responsive design standard that every TekLite Software project from now on will follow. There are some exciting things happening in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!
-Maxwell Lavitschke, CEO

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