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About TekLite Software

TekLite Software is a web design business located in West Fargo. We offer affordable web design services for your startup or already established business in Fargo, ND. TekLite Software designs custom, affordable websites that are beautiful, responsive, and functional for businesses, and also designs free and premium website templates for you to use as a base to build your new site off of.

What TekLite Software Does

Web Design

Web Design

The main focus of TekLite Software is to design an affordable, beautiful, and functional website for your business in Fargo. Utilizing the newest CSS standards and features, you will get a fully responsive website that will look great on any device! In the design process of creating your new or improved website, you can have as much or as little creative input as you want for the finalized site, so you get the dream website that you have always wanted! Contact TekLite Software here to get a free consultation.



Any business that wants to become known needs to have a website that is Search Engine Optimized, and TekLite Software knows that. Your website will be built using key phrases and words that people looking for your type of service and/or product will search, so your website will appear in the top results! Having a website on the top of search results means more traffic, and quicker growth- something a new business needs. Contact TekLite Software here to get a free consultation.

Quick, Functional, Beautiful Websites

TekLite Software will design you an affordable, functional, and beautiful website along with services to get your business started and ready to grow.

The 4 Guidelines of Web Design


A modern website cannot fail to deliver and cater to it's mobile viewers, where a big part of internet traffic comes from. TekLite Software will design your website to be fully responsive and looks great on any device ranging from the smallest phones to a modern desktop monitor.


Slow loading websites will deter any potential customer from wanting to use your product/service, especially if loading speeds prevent them from seeing it quickly. Your website will be designed to prevent lag upon loading the website, using minified javascript files, and keeping your CSS files clean and rid of unnused elements that would slow down loading times.


Your website should do exactly what you want it to do, and TekLite Software will design your website to fulfill the role you want it to have, while looking nice and working smoothly.


To get the attention of people viewing your website, you want one that is beautiful and stands out. TekLite Software will design your website to look amazing and give a good first impression to potential customers!

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